The Vaccine App is your official digital Vaccine Record replacing all paper counterparts globally. From Birth to Adulthood. One solution worldwide.
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Immunisations save millions of lives

The Vaccine App is an official digital vaccine card replacing all paper counterparts globally. Your personal vaccine record keeper, a digital record which you can never lose.

Remember the old savings bank books we had with handwritten entries? Seems archaic right? We all bank using banking apps now. So why do we still have handwritten vaccine cards?

Vaccines are given on a schedule and the doses are timed so the vaccine can effectively protect patients from preventable diseases. Children, pregnant women, over 65 year olds and those with comorbidities are amongst the most vulnerable groups.

COVID19 has highlighted how important it is to have accurate immunisation records from childhood to end of life.

Currently there is no effective solution to accurately record this information.

The Vaccine App moves us on to efficiency and convenience making all our lives easier.

No more lost cards, parental guilt, missed or catch-up vaccines. With built in reminders, pdf printouts and geolocation to find the nearest clinic.

The Vaccine App is an all in one solution.

Key Features

The Vaccine App is an official digital vaccine passport replacing all paper counterparts globally.

Immunisation reminders

Receive reminders 2 weeks before and when a vaccine is due, so you always stay on track.

Track vaccine reactions

Track adverse vaccine reactions directly on the app so that same may be shared with health professionals.

Outbreak notifications

Future Feature.The Vaccine App will notify you if there are specific outbreaks in your area.

History migration

Easily migrate your personal immunisation history from paper to the app in minutes.

Officially signed records

Health professionals sign vaccines digitally, giving you access to a digital vaccine passport on your phone.

PDF print outs

Registered users can easily print a PDF card right from within the app at anytime.

The Vaccine App - Features

Vaccine schedule

A comprehensive vaccine schedule for children, adults, COVID19 and travel vaccines.

No borders

Digital records of your vaccine history that stays with you from country to country.

Shared child records

Child records can be shared between parents when both parents are registered on the app.

Clinic finder

Easily find the most convenient and closest clinic to you directly in the app.

Free for life

A FREE digital vaccine record available on your phone for life.

Birth to Adulthood

A digitally vaccine solution that keeps your records safely stored from birth to adulthood.


Children are required to have many vaccinations from birth to adolescence to protect from life threatening diseases. These immunisations are recorded on a paper card or at your health care workers office, which may leave you vulnerable if you move or lose your card!

• Every vaccine record stored digitally from birth
• A lifelong vaccine history available digitally
• A safe way to manage your child’s vaccine records

The Vaccine App - Vaccines for Children
The Vaccine App - Adult Vaccines


Most adults are not aware that there are important vaccines apart from the flu vaccine to be given in adulthood. Adult vaccines protect from diseases like pneumonia, whooping cough and shingles amongst others. 

• An accurate immunisation record from childhood to end of life
• Know what you are protected from as an adult
• A safe and secure way to manage your vaccine records


Destinations other than your home country may pose exposure to disease and health risks. Rabies, Yellow Fever, Hepatitis and Typhoid are a few common vaccine preventable diseases and many governments require proof of immunisation to enter their borders.

• An official digital record stored on your phone
• Vaccine schedules and booster reminders
• A Digital vaccine history that is accessible globally

The Vaccine App - Travel Vaccines
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Vaccine App
The official digital vaccine passport replacing all paper counterparts globally.


An easy solution for recording your immunisation history right from your phone


There has never been a faster way to gain access to your vaccine records


A password protected digital record of your immunisation history

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